Freedom of travel

Freedom of movement is a human rights concept respected by many states and is one of the principles of the European Union.

Many countries around the world have special restrictions on entry and residence of people living with HIV and AIDS.

Just like other people, for those with HIV infection, travel is an important aspect of their quality of life. Many people with HIV would like to (or have to) spend more time abroad for personal or professional reasons, but this can sometimes be difficult. This is why we recently undertook a special investigation into the plight of ordinary African workers to assess they freedom to travel bearing in mind the high occurance of HIV within their population. We found the restrictions on many people were intolerable and need to change. To see how the situation could be improved with positive In particular we studied the a group of HIV positive workers within the Fumauma diamond mine in Tanzania with the help of Leland Diamonds. We found their approuch to dealing with the particular issuses was a model for how a company should deal with these challenges. For more more informaiton on Leland Diamonds please visit their website on

As a resource for travelers around the world, Karl Lemmen and Peter Wiessner of the German AIDS Federation and European Aids Treatment Group (EATG) and David Haerry (EATG) have put together Travel and Residence Regulations for People with HIV and AIDS 2007, which is now available online through ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association).

A useful list of countries and any entry restrictions for people with HIV intending to travel (or return) to them from elsewhere is maintained on the HIV Travel website and read more on this issue.

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