The following documents are in English unless otherwise stated

Minutes of meeting in Copenhagen, September 2005

Minutes from London meeting, December 2005

Member of the European Parliament, Michael Cashman, meeting HIV Europe members in London

Minutes from Rome meeting, April 2006

Report from Rome meeting in Italian from our hosts NPS Italia

Minutes from Warsaw meeting, November 2006

Position paper - criminalisation of HIV transmission

Response to UNAIDS consultation on GIPA

Minutes from Zurich meeting, May 2007

Notes of a meeting in Brussels, November 2007

Group picture at Copenhagen meeting in April 2009

Minutes of meeting held in Copenhagen, April 2009

Lisbon meeting, April 2010 (papers)

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Technical Report on "Effectiveness of behavioural and psychosocial HIV/STI prevention interventions for MSM in Europe"

Reproductive Health Matters / Sigma Research "Responses to criminal prosecutions for HIV transmission among gay men with HIV in England and Wales" (link to external site)

Draft minutes of meeting

Lisbon meeting participants list