Text of the Paris Declaration 1994

We, the Heads of Government or Representatives of the 42 States assembled in Paris on 1 December 1994:

I. Mindful

that the AIDS pandemic, by virtue of its magnitude, constitutes a threat to humanity,

that its spread is affecting all societies,

that it is hindering social and economic development, in particular of the worst affected countries, and increasing the disparities within and between countries,

that poverty and discrimination are contributing factors in the spread of the pandemic,

that HIV/AIDS inflicts irreparable damage on families and communities,

that the pandemic concerns all people without distinction but that women, children and youth are becoming infected at an increasing rate,

that it not only causes physical and emotional suffering but is often used as justification for grave violations of human rights,

Mindful also

that obstacles of all kinds - cultural, legal, economic and political - are hampering information, prevention, care and support efforts,

that HIV/AIDS prevention and care and support strategies are inseparable, and hence must be an integral component of an effective and comprehensive approach to combating the pandemic,

that new local, national and international forms of solidarity are emerging, involving in particular people living with HIV/AIDS and community-based organizations,

II. Solemnly declare

our obligation as political leaders to make the fight against HIV/AIDS a priority,

our obligation to act with compassion for and in solidarity with those with HIV or at risk of becoming infected, both within our societies and internationally,

our determination to ensure that all persons living with HIV/AIDS are able to realize the full and equal enjoyment of their fundamental rights and freedoms without distinction and under all circumstances,

our determination to fight against poverty, stigmatization and discrimination,

our determination to mobilize all of society - the public and private sectors, community-based organizations and people living with HIV/AIDS - in a spirit of true partnership,

our appreciation and support for the activities and work carried out by multilateral, intergovernmental, non-governmental and community-based organizations, and our recognition of their important role in combating the pandemic,

our conviction that only more vigorous and better coordinated action worldwide, sustained over the long term - such as that to be undertaken by the joint and cosponsored United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS - can halt the pandemic,

III. Undertake in our national policies to

protect and promote the rights of individuals, in particular those living with or most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, through the legal and social environment,

fully involve non-governmental and community-based organizations as well as people living with HIV/AIDS in the formulation and implementation of public policies,

ensure equal protection under the law for persons living with HIV/AIDS with regard to access to health care, employment, education, travel, housing and social welfare,

intensify the following range of essential approaches for the prevention of HIV/AIDS:

IV. Are resolved to step up international cooperation through the following measures and initiatives.

We shall do so by providing our commitment and support to the development of the joint and cosponsored United Nations program on HIV/AIDS, as the appropriate framework to reinforce partnerships between all involved and give guidance and worldwide leadership in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The scope of each initiative should be further defined and developed in the context of the joint and cosponsored program and other appropriate for a:

We urge all countries and the international community to provide the resources necessary for the measures and initiatives mentioned above.

We call upon all countries, the future joint and cosponsored United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS and its six member organizations and programmes to take all steps possible to implement this Declaration in coordination with multilateral and bilateral aid programmes and intergovernmental and non-governmental organisation.