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map of Europe"Organisations of people living with HIV are a key driving force in the AIDS response, and with appropriate support individuals living with HIV can take a central role in their own country, region, or locality in the direction and delivery of AIDS programmes. Their participation gives a personal power and immediacy to AIDS efforts that drives and inspires others into action.

This quote comes from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS website.


HIV Europe is a network of organisations demonstrably committed to the principle of the Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV and AIDS in the development of public policy and the delivery of services.

HIV Europe was founded in Copenhagen at a meeting in June 2005. Read more about this under "about HIV Europe".

This is our temporary website - enhancements will follow including translations into our member organisations' languages. Meanwhile, this site is available in English, German and Italian only - we apologise for this while we work to make the HIV Europe website more accessible for Europeans who do not speak English.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights of People Living with HIV - a research report has been published in English and is being translated into Russian as soon as we can. Download the report here.



HIV Europe will be driven by issues affecting people living with HIV for the purpose of sharing experience across a broad partnership of organisations committed to the overriding principle of the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV and AIDS at the centre of the formulation and implementation of public policies.

In particular HIV Europe identifies the following broad issues as our initial agenda for action

The GIPA Principle
Stigma and Discrimination
Quality of life
Harm Reduction
Employment and employability
Mobility and freedom of travel
"Positive Prevention"


HIV Europe is supported in part by the following pharmaceutical companies:

Bristol Myers Squibb Gilead Sciences ViiV Positive Action